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Lo and behold! Snow. Turns out, Charleston had it in her. Regardless of the light adorable snowfall, today felt like a holiday.  Early this morning I received news that my reservation request had been approved, and that I’ll be staying in Dublin, Ireland during my Spring break from classes. I am so very, very thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given and the places I’m able to go walk around in.

My intention for creating this blog was to, in any way I can, celebrate the mornings and the potential they have for self-reflection and self-appreciation.  This morning is just that. I woke up to snowy streets, the best news, no obligatory freezing bike ride to classes in Maybank Hall, and a text saying I could work from home (thanks, Art Mag!).

I kept the good stuff coming by making my favorite peppermint-rose tea, read some of Nicole Terez Dutton’s debut collection The Ways We Fall, eventually made scrambled eggs with feta & balsamic tempeh for breakfast, and, obviously, yelped/bookmarked all cafes, pubs, and gardens within walking distance of my soon-to-be Dublin building.

If you can brace the weather wherever you are, I encourage you to plan a trip for yourself.  Whether that is a walk around the block or a flight 3,790 miles across the Atlantic- I guarantee you’ll feel some sort of satisfaction when you get there.


IMG_2116 IMG_2127 IMG_2109

IMG_2149 IMG_2140 IMG_2141


A fitting passage // Nicole Terez Dutton

Where I'll be staying in Dublin

Where I’ll be staying in Dublin

Snowy Day

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The College of Charleston preemptively cancelled classes today and tomorrow due to snowy weather. It didn’t snow. If you’re from the South, you’re probably accustomed to seeing rows of empty milk shelves when the temperature isn’t even below freezing. People lose their shit. I was slightly disappointed as the day went on and there was still no sparkling white to be found, but that didn’t stop me from basking in the thrill that comes naturally when word is broadcasted that we aren’t needed on campus.


This particular snowless snow day made January feel a little colder than it usually does in South Carolina.  The absence reminded me of the mornings where I have woken up to nothing but white and the people I love.  My heart is always in Minnesota, where my family gets the cold with the cons and I just get the good stuff during Christmas. Or last March, where the only snow I remember covered the stones in St.Mary Cemetery in Chicago and everyone looked dashing in black. It reminded me of being seventeen seeing a snowy Eiffel Tour in Paris on Thanksgiving Day with my favorite woman in the entire world. How could you not feel grateful when you spend your day thinking about how perfect things, not all the time, but often, are? You can’t. I bought myself flowers, read the paper, made a huge breakfast, caught up with an old friend, listened to records, baked cookies, and texted my mom. She instantly responded with “OMG!!! I JUST WENT 2 MY PHONE 2 TELL U WE GOT SNOW! Did u get snow?” I told her we didn’t, but that I was cozy wearing her Phantom Ranch Camp sweatshirt and wished that we were reading  The Snowy Day.

Not only did this morning remind me of the ways I remember snow, it caused me to notice the ways I’ve always wanted to document it.  One Christmas, I received a Barbie Polaroid Camera. I had no real concept of photography, but I remember (thanks to the hardcopies themselves) taking photos of very random objects in my house (i.e., stair banister, wooden chest, a couch pillow). Then there was a snow storm. I had to have taken at least ten photographs of the front yard. Not a variety of angles, just the same view over and over. Why wasn’t just one enough? That question is rhetorical because i’m still unsure.  Maybe I was just curious, or maybe my love of snow (or rain in general) was in the beginning stages, or both. Still, the ways we record what we believe to be meaningful should never be ignored- no matter how much your father complains about the cost of polaroid film.

The nostalgia ends here.



Breakfast prep.


Cookies prep.


St. Mary Cemetery

Snowy field driving through Wisconsin


My absolute favorite photo of my older brothers being little brothers.


Illustration from John Ezra Keats’s book, The Snowy Day.

View from my Aunt's kitchen // MN

View from my Aunt’s kitchen // MN

These dogs were actually pretty wild and hard to manage. I'm surprised I'm smiling/ not trampled.

These dogs were actually pretty wild and hard to manage. I’m surprised I’m smiling/ not trampled.

Super Good

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This Monday morning was a bit of a party-crasher after spending my weekend celebrating art, music, and some of my dearest and best friends.  Between a new exhibit opening at Redux downtown Charleston and Octopus Jones “Phantasmagoria” album release show in Columbia, I was a little bit in love with everything. Except for the Grammys.

Along with good times, good people, and a little too much food (i.e.,french fries from both Rarebit and Thirsty Fellow), there was liquor to be had. Sunday morning, I nursed myself back to health with a half-bottle of Cherry-Chia Kombucha and a jar of juice (kale, cucumber, celery, orange, ginger, lemon + wheatgrass) I had made Saturday afternoon and, by the grace of God, left in my car (aka makeshift refrigerator) overnight. Later, I used seeing Danny as an excuse to indulge in expensive chocolate pastries and a latte.

Delicious treats aside, I definitely needed to readjust this morning. I juiced brussels sprouts and followed that with a smoothie.


Brussels & Berries:

  • small bowl of brussels sprouts
  • two carrots
  • two granny smith apples
  • 1/2 banana
  • handful of raspberries
  • some chia & flax seeds

* First, I juiced the carrots and apples. I didn’t end up using all of the juice.  In fact, I saved about half of it. If you don’t want extra, only juice one carrot and one apple. I added that straight to blender and threw in the banana, raspberries, chia&flax seeds, and some ice. Not difficult.

* I juiced brussels sprouts into a separate glass. Drank it in one big gulp. Somewhat difficult.

Happy Monday!

One of Kimberly Witham's sculptures.

One of Kimberly Witham’s sculptures on display until March at Redux Contemporary Art Center.

Photo cred: @clint_daryl

Photo cred: @clint_daryl

IMG_1927 IMG_1939

Too cold for outside cafe seating// romantic car eats

Too cold for outside cafe seating// romantic car eats

The.Best. Listen to "Super Good", "Stanky Toes" as many times as necessary. I can't seem to stop.

The.Best. Listen to “Super Good” & “Stanky Toes” as many times as necessary. I can’t stop. And I won’t stop.

IMG_1965 IMG_1975 IMG_1983 IMG_1967

Donut Give Up What Makes You Happy

January 23, 2014 § 2 Comments

Salted Caramel donut from Glazed

Here’s something a lot of people do know about me: I adore doughnuts. Despite my attempts to dismiss gluten and sugar, doughnuts are a staple in my diet that I have no real desire to rid myself from.

I have a serious sweet tooth set of teeth. I blame this on genetics. Specifically, from my maternal grandfather. Who, at a very young age, instilled an unwavering belief that sweets are the bread and butter (emphasis on the butter) of what make life worth living. He told me once that his very first memory was his own father handing him a cookie in their chicago home. It wasn’t hard for me to realize, seventy-five years after the fact, that my grandfather probably remembered a lot more from the depression but those memories seemed less important.

In the same manner Peter Warren teaches Ellie Andrews how to properly dunk a doughnut in It Happened One Night (the obvious namesake of this blog), my grandfather taught me the tricks of the dessert trade. And I took his word. I took his word very, very seriously. Especially when it came to doughnuts. They were the Boston-Crème de le crème. He could still read the paper, drink coffee, and dunk his doughnuts into said coffee with me hanging on him like a baby orangutang- never once being upset if I stretched the collar of his white undershirt or left traces of pink frosting on it. And, like all routines you share with someone, the joy and the charm of those activities never, ever dull.

At twenty, I’m no less mesmerized by doughnuts as I was in girlhood. I could just be crazy, but the process of walking into a shop, seeing the selection- its uniformity- and choosing which flavors feel right for that morning is something close to magical. On good mornings, on bad mornings…there are always doughnuts somewhere. And that is comforting.

Extended backstory aside, I currently live a few blocks away from a gourmet doughnut shop.  It is, without a doubt, my favorite place on the Charleston peninsula. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Glazed receives awards annually and is always locking it’s doors early due to selling out. All natural ingredients (local goat cheese and bacon included), great coffee, nice location- it is hard to be disappointed. Yesterday morning, I paid a little visit and came home with two perfect doughnuts. Which is, I guess, the purpose of this post. Five paragraphs later- there you have it, folks!

I ordered their famous Purple Goat (berry goat cheese filling with lavender glaze, kill me) and the Salted Caramel. Whoever decided salted caramel should be a popular dessert option deserves a MacArthur Genius Grant (so does the staff of Glazed… and my grandfather). I’ll stop nominating people for awards, but really, if you’re anywhere near Charleston, SC do yourself a favor and stroll upper King until you reach Glazed. If you’re not near Charleston, get in your car and drive somewhere that sells the little beauties. If that is too much to ask, just do something for yourself that reminds you of what you love and where you come from. And don’t ever stop doing that.


Salted Caramel from Glazed

My grandpa showing how to properly celebrate a birthday.

My grandpa showing how to properly celebrate a birthday.

It Happened One Night (dir. Frank Capra, 1934)

It Happened One Night (dir. Frank Capra, 1934)

S'mores doughnut from Glazed

S’mores doughnut from Glazed

Krispy Kreme in Raleigh, NC

Krispy Kreme in Raleigh, NC

Christmas day priorities: my grandfather... asleep, cradling a box of chocolate...

Christmas day priorities: my grandfather… asleep, cradling a box of chocolate…

lil' batch made with a doughnut maker I recieved as a birthday gift.

lil’ batch made with a doughnut maker I recieved as a birthday gift.

  • Check out more info about Glazed here 
  • Read a fun article about the greatest screwball comedy featuring great donut scene here 


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