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October 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

The universal sign for packing may be crying. It is hard.

It is frustrating. We’d all like to punch the “I love packing!” people in the face, but they’d probably be prepared for that, since packers are prepared for all things. I’m not. However I’m getting better at carrying a light load, metaphorically and physically. And these items are the items I’d write love poems to if I wasn’t already writing actual poems about other things.



LUGGAGE:  Madewell zip transporter tote. It’s a dream. Fits everything without being too bulky. This Briggs& Riley suitcase is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It is light. It is roomy. It has zippers in all the right places. I also packed a large Longchamp totes because it folds easily and can function as an overnight bag or just another purse. But really, any sturdy tote is good for the same use.

SHOES: Shoes are the easiest things to over pack and generally take up the most room. Lose Lose. Just be practical. These ariat boots are, like the suitcase, a game changer. I’m working around different places in different settings, and they haven’t let me down. They’re comfortable, durable, insulated, waterproof, and not horrendous to look at. Actually, they’re quite nice to look at. I also packed a pair of pointed-toe, patent-leather Zara flats and New Balance sneaks.

BEAUTY: The only things you’ll ever need: tinted lipbalm, eyebrow pencil, mascara. If you have eyecream and a good face wash, you shouldn’t need anything else. For all those makeup lovers out there, go bare and don’t look back. Kat Von D concealer is a magic eraser though. And I’m really glad for it.

CLOTHING: Depends on a lot of things, but like shoes, be practical. I have all I need for four months. Which is two pairs of jeans, two sweaters, two t-shirts, one oxford, one dress, waterproof overcoat, a leather jacket, and really nice undies. Neutrals over everything. Basics don’t mean you’re boring. Accessory wise: a watch with an alarm and a big scarf are both useful and make me feel a little more put together. Jewelry is fun but I haven’t been wearing any.

TECH: I brought a lot of gadgets. It took me forever to adjust to reading on a kindle, but if you travel often…a tablet really is one of the best investments.  I have my magazine subscriptions and classic lit. whenever I want without any additional weight– that’s pretty nice. There are a million accessories to make traveling with technology less tangled and less of a burden. I don’t think they’re all necessary, but I am thankful for pocket chargers and outlet adapters.

LIZ PICKS: I can’t go anywhere without bringing: passport, teabags (Herbal Medicines Throat Coat tea is my one and only), a slim moleskin notebook, and a vintage handkerchief in the zipped compartment of my tote– it has both a pin that my mother gave me the day I left for college and a red binder clip I took from my grandfather’s office desk drawer after he died. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m sentimental. I also keep one of Danny’s guitar picks in my wallet. It’s orange.

DOESN’T HURT: Talk fruity to me. Why anyone would travel without a banana or pear in their bag baffles me. Snack time can be crucial for planes or trains or buses. Earplugs never hurt anyone either. Actually, I’m sure somewhere somebody was hurt by earplugs. Sorry to that dude.

Of course, there are important things that you should keep in mind like medicine and money and contact information. Just be practical. You need much, much less than you think.

ABOVE: Madewell Zip Transporter Tote. Briggs& Riley BRX Explorer suitcase. Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment. Origins Clear Improvement face wash (I’m actually using this Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Scrub because found at the convenient store and am now forever a servant to it. So good) Moleskin Cahier Journal. This Crocodile passport holder looks very similar to the navy one I have but is perhaps a bit pricier. Swatch Blue Wraith Watch. Ariat Devon Pro boots. Gap patch&repair sexy boyfriend jeans. We can all dream about this Chloe turtleneck sweater. Handkerchief: poser. It’s actually an tiny image of this Madewell Starsign Scarf i’m dying for.  This teacup is no longer available, but it’s cute, right?


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