January 8, 2015 § 3 Comments

Holidays are over! Lots of laughing and hugging and admiring the snow. Then there was a lot of playing trivia crack in the airport until I couldn’t look at my phone. Followed by reading Dave Eggers’ The Circle and wanting to abandon all phones forever.

Now I’m at the beach and the concept of movement and time and location is doing a thing I don’t like. Frozen lakes and palm trees don’t belong in the same week. But what is best about this month is the urgency to prioritizing everything.

It has been fun reading so many writers and travelers and friends commit to what they care about most. Resolutions are lame according to like ten percent of the people I know but there’s something just nice about the momentum in their making for those who make them, right?

Some resolutions: see all of the places (travel more), say yes to favors without asking what they are, and to treat my body well. Oh and I’d like to start rock climbing & am trying to teach myself Italian.

2015 ilysm already bb!



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§ 3 Responses to HNY

  • Teaching myself French – right there with you! Happy New Year (7 days later)

  • What steps are you taking to teach yourself Italian? I want to learn Japanese, but I don’t have time for classes and I question the legitimacy of Rosetta Stone.

    • esochko says:

      Hi Kristen! I’m using the Dualingo app- not exactly advanced placement. But hey! I’m learning something. Classes and Rosetta Stone are definitely expensive and sometimes unrealistic… but if you’re serious about it I’d consider classes! There are some online ones that may be affordable if you limit yourself to a lesson per week or something, and if you’re paying for it maybe you’re more likely to pursue it? Who knows. I’m just trying to learn some basics and the app is a much better time spender than well, er, checking TSwift’s Twitter… Which I do.

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