This Calls for Another Love Story

February 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

The beautiful creatures over at A.Payne featured my musings on Love and Valentines day and whatever it is that we define as a love story. My current love story is eating granola and dropping it into my laptop keyboard while Danny makes coffee and talks back to the television. Happy Friday, friends.

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Here’s a little peek, but you’ll have to read the entire post here. Spoiler alert: Hair rollers. Heart robe. Holding my cat.

“First things first, I’m not the realest. I don’t claim to know anything about love except what I’ve experienced or given or been returned. Or dumped. Or dumped again. I know little about relationships other than what mine have been. And mine have been catastrophic to a certain degree. Dating has changed since I first saw it on TV, and I would not want anyone to emulate the ways I’ve clinged to wrong people. But I’m definitely not alone, and the wrong ones weren’t always the wrong ones. It’s okay to hurt so plainly, to miss what we don’t even want anymore, or to spend an entire day in the month of February brooding over this.”

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