Smoke Perfume

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetScent is the tell-all sense- the hostess with the mostess that has nostalgia on speed dial and an uncanny ability to make you an IRL mood ring. I lurv it. My favorite scent in the world is blowing out candles on a birthday cake.  Something about the wax and the wick and the sugar and smoke. ( & obviously, the excitement happening around birthday cakes!) That moment makes my heart go boom.

But since I don’t want to smell like a birthday cake throughout my daily routine (or ever), I tend to alternate between different perfumes for different occasions. I do not wear perfume on a daily basis, but I think about buying a new perfume on a daily basis because I really, really like it. So add that up.

Here’s what I’m saying: scent matters. It affects your mood, the way you walk through the doors, and it is pretty to look at. So when I won an Instagram giveaway for a gift box containing hand-made, artisan perfume from a southern city with a distinct history and heart, I felt crazy excited and grateful.
Smoke Perfume is hand-made in New Orleans. You can read about its start here, and if you are a decent person you’ll appreciate the sentiment of investing so much care into a product that emphasizes place and soul while using natural ingredients to do it. It’s made by people who care for people who care….and I like that a lot.

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My box (complete with a matchbox, candle, perfume, and magic wand- jk a stick of palo santo but basically the same thing) was sent with priority mail and hand-written tag. The scent is earthy but not too heavy (it’s vetiver based with jasmine and citrus) and is quite calming. The candle is actual heaven and I’ll be rationing its burn time…. not to mention ordering another as soon as it becomes less of a candle and more of an empty jar.

Good things come in well-designed packages. I’m a happy girl.

Thank you Kathleen!

Movie Date ft. Hitchcock

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I fail a little as a film lover when it comes to my posted content. (Sorry if I’ve disappointed those who clicked based solely on this domain name!) I don’t post reviews, I don’t make Oscar ballots, and I don’t read as many academic essays as I used to. But I love movies. I love actors. I love certain shots that makes me rewind and watch again. A spotlight highlighting an object. A jump-cut. The credits rolling.  Sunday night, my mom and I went on a movie date. « Read the rest of this entry »


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I don’t do hats, but this weekend I purchased one at The Depot— which is actual proof that people change.  More importantly, seasons do. Spring is technically happening. Flowers are blooming. SPF 60+ is in my handbag where it will stay until September. If you’re still waiting for the warmth (Hi New Yorkers)… know that it’s coming.

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Shamrock Emoji!

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Happy Saint Patrick’s day! Here’s how some celebrate around the world (not just by using the four leaf clover emoticon!!!) and how some practice good luck. I’ll be celebrating by reading something written by these ladies….and probably a Roddy Doyle story or two.

Three favorites from Dublin last March:

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Morning Report

March 16, 2015 § 1 Comment

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It’s a warm Monday morning in SC & my little writing space feels extra cozy. What gets me through mornings lately: coffee, herbal tinctures, and certain skin care products. I’m a sucker for Witch Hazel and pretty packaging, so this toner is my new bff. I’m more of a sucker for flowers, especially when they’re clipped from our front yard! Spring time, I see you!

Weekend Links

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Happy Saturday! Need weekend ideas? Look no further. Links here.

1. Watch Kimmy, read this article on empathy comedy.

IMG_9998I’ve watched the first episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt four times. Last Friday Tina Fey & Robert Carlock’s new, insanely quotable, show hit neftlix. Last Friday was also the day I happened to be diagnosed with a kidney infection- a pain I wish on nobody ever. But that’s finally over and my internal organs and I are happy again. The nice thing about having a debilitating infection? Having an entire Netflix season to binge waiting for you. One that stars Ellie Kemper. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is uplifting and smart and needs to be seen by all. So does this.

2. Have Coffee With Someone Else

IMG_9999Meet someone you like at a place that’s local to your city.  Unless you live in Seattle and that place is Starbucks. No Starbucks allowed. Here’s something I wrote on my fleeting Starbucks addiction for Man Repeller showcasing one example of my irrational behavior. But really, connect with someone in a coffee shop and I’m not talkin’ bout WiFi.

3. Plan Something You’re Excited About

FullSizeRenderWant to redecorate? Want to take a trip? Want to binge watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Planning makes perfect, they say. Or something.  What Rodarte rug would you sell your soul for? Where will you go on your next vacay? What snacks will you bring into bed with you & your laptop? I’m going to Madrid in April & haven’t done so much planning other than where I’ll be sleeping. Rainy forecast means I can stay inside and do some museum, shopping, dining, etc. research on a city I’ve never seen.  Reccomendations, por favor.

4. Make Something With Lucky Charms.

FullSizeRender_1In the faraway land of strange Pinterest holiday food, I found this Lucky Charms cake and wanted it. Tell me that isn’t a beautiful cake. Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t until Tuesday, but if you’re not partaking in parade watching or celebrating somehow, why not spend Sunday baking? Even better-  share the good stuff with whoever you see on Monday. It’ll go from zero to a hundred real quick.

Happy Weekend!

Morning Report

March 4, 2015 § 2 Comments


This is what my bed looks like when I’m celebrating grad school acceptance. For the record, it’s okay to love fashion magazines and modern poetry. To stay up late watching reality television and writing panels on Youtube. To plan trips to see old buildings and to plan trips to hear authors, poets, musicians open their mouths. To be a coffee person and a tea person. Or a graduate who misses class.  I’m celebrating something I’m proud of (like really proud of!!!!!) with green juice and these cookies. Do both.

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