S U N D A Y in Paris

July 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

Last Sunday I was more or less ready to lug my blongings (brocante purchases really weigh down a carry-on) to and fro Charles De Gualle….but at 8am, word reached me that my flight had cancelled. Tragedy! A whole day in Paris! Mine! To be had! On a Sunday! Too good to be true.

THE ITINERARY: 9am. Boulangerie. Check. Pain Au Chocolat. Check. Lazed back and took the morning slow. 11am. Metro to Musée Rodin, followed by neighborhood stroll. 1pm. Metro to Canal St. Martin. Walked past shops & bridges and dropped in LuLu’s for a galette. As a respite from a quick burst of rain, popped in for a beer at The Sunken Chip. 3pm. Walked to Le Marais to resist shopping in a serious way and eventually stood in line for the Picasso museum, which left me amazed and then more amazed. Best. Ever. 5pm. Took the metro to Luxembourg gardens. Spied on bench-locked lovers and boys sailing their wooden ships in the fountain….So Parisian I finally understood the obsession. Walked out into a ceramics festival, again resisted buying everything. 6pm. Metro’d back. Mid-day bath because Sunday. 8pm. Dinner in the 7th arrondissement by the Eiffel tower. 9pm. Popped into the Palais De Tokyo, because it’s open late,  but I didn’t love the current exhibitions, so there’s that. If I hadn’t had a plane to catch the next morning (it departed as scheduled!), I would have bounded towards the Seine with a bottle of rosé. As the masses do.

Paris in July is a different Paris then I’d seen before. That city in the summer time! C’est tres magnifique.

Shoutout to my girl, Corianna, for the last minute recommendations. The city misses you, I’m sure. Lets go back!

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