H O M E Tour – Asheville, NC

November 30, 2016 § 1 Comment

Earlier this year, Corey and Savannah relocated to Asheville, NC.  Which makes me depressed every time I get off the 77 St. Subway stop/ walk anywhere remotely close to their old Upper East Side apartment. It’s fair to say their home in Asheville is 500x the size of aforementioned apartment.

I took some snapshots of their new spot when I visited this summer, and it feels cruel to keep it from the world. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS PLACE.

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Two Hands

April 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

Some brunch inspiration for this weekend: Two Hands!  I’ve been wanting to try the  popular spot since I moved here, and I finally went last Saturday.

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 Two Hands is an Australian breakfast joint (I can count the number of times I’ve used the term ‘breakfast joint. Just once, just now.) known for its charming ambiance (clouds !!!! adorable little hanging clouds!!!) and healthy menu (fresh juices, superfood bowls, avo toast).

Last weekend had a bit of bizarre weather- cloudy, rainy mornings, heavy wind mixed with sunshine,  freezing temps overnight. Aka everything to make my Spring Post look like a cruel April Fools joke…. Brunching here was the perfect choice for an instant boost of cheer.  So colorful and bright. *Scours Pinterest for an illuminating cloud DIY tutorial.*

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^^^ Two Ashleys. ❤



March 4, 2016 § Leave a comment

It’s still winter, but I couldn’t be happier with the two new scents in the shop- No.16 and  Ilha! No.16 is lilac, jasmine, and sandalwood. Ilha is teakwood and coconut. I haven’t stopped burning either one since their creation. My apartment is a candle. Of course, many of the original scents are perfect year long. But these feel extra sunny.

In addition to the candles, I’ve updated the shop with a new bundle of ceramics. So very exciting! Hope you enjoy.

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Winter Do: Rose

November 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

When thinking about winter trends, pink roses may not come to mind right away.  But why not? The flower has sparked inspiration for poets and lovers and painters for hundreds of years and even Apple joined the team this fall.  Rose gold has been having it’s moment for a while, too, but I’m less interested in the jewelry (except for the hoops shown above, those I would jump into a frozen lake for) and more interested in pairing the classic with the not-so-classic to create something noteworthy. Bonus points for cozy.

For example, the classic Zara trench, but in a muted, dusty muave and with shearling. Or Byredo’s Rose of No Man’s Land– named in honor of the women who served as nurses during World War I. Bonus bonus points? A portion of the perfume’s proceeds go towards Doctors Without Borders.

These items are just what I want when the weather begins to cool down and doesn’t stop.  A candle that feels fresh, festive lipstick, fragrance that’s complex, and pieces that are beautiful (the botanic garden rose print!) as well as conventional (that rocker, come on!). Also… now is a fine time to announce that I’ve added four of my favorite candles to my Etsy shop.  The Rose one is undoubtedly my favorite. I think I’ll burn it now while I read through this long, long list of rose-related poems.

Pictured: 1. 4 oz. Tin Candle ItHappenedOneMorning. 2. Rich Lip Color in heather rose Bobbi Brown. 3. Rosegold Whispered Hoops Anthropologie4. Roundtrip Turtleneck Sweater Madewell. 5. Modernica Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocking Chair Urban Outfitters. 6. Jacket With Lapels Zara. 7. Botanical Wild Roses Print Bygone Press. 8. Rose of No Man’s Land Byredo.

Birthday Love

February 11, 2015 § 3 Comments

The closest thing I’ll ever have to a sister had a birthday.

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Le Basterot

September 23, 2014 § Leave a comment

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Once upon a time a friend had too much pastis or slow gin or rosé and invited the two of us to fancy-ass french estate managed by our boss’s uncle.  The following afternoon, to our great surprise,  Bertrand (said Uncle, who, by the way, fell asleep in my bed at 4pm during mentioned party. A Lil’ nap never hurt anyone- we understand, Bertrand.) and his wife arrived to collect us. It was a day full of feel. listen. remember. enjoy. all. of. this. moments but mostly a lot of pretending we were aristocrats. The house itself was a kind of conversation and the actual conversations had were ones I’m afraid my generation lacks too often. About chance. About suffering. About family. About place. And between all of it, laughing until we couldn’t feel our bellies. We left in a kind of magical stupor. Who doesn’t want that?

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