Winter Do: Rose

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When thinking about winter trends, pink roses may not come to mind right away.  But why not? The flower has sparked inspiration for poets and lovers and painters for hundreds of years and even Apple joined the team this fall.  Rose gold has been having it’s moment for a while, too, but I’m less interested in the jewelry (except for the hoops shown above, those I would jump into a frozen lake for) and more interested in pairing the classic with the not-so-classic to create something noteworthy. Bonus points for cozy.

For example, the classic Zara trench, but in a muted, dusty muave and with shearling. Or Byredo’s Rose of No Man’s Land– named in honor of the women who served as nurses during World War I. Bonus bonus points? A portion of the perfume’s proceeds go towards Doctors Without Borders.

These items are just what I want when the weather begins to cool down and doesn’t stop.  A candle that feels fresh, festive lipstick, fragrance that’s complex, and pieces that are beautiful (the botanic garden rose print!) as well as conventional (that rocker, come on!). Also… now is a fine time to announce that I’ve added four of my favorite candles to my Etsy shop.  The Rose one is undoubtedly my favorite. I think I’ll burn it now while I read through this long, long list of rose-related poems.

Pictured: 1. 4 oz. Tin Candle ItHappenedOneMorning. 2. Rich Lip Color in heather rose Bobbi Brown. 3. Rosegold Whispered Hoops Anthropologie4. Roundtrip Turtleneck Sweater Madewell. 5. Modernica Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocking Chair Urban Outfitters. 6. Jacket With Lapels Zara. 7. Botanical Wild Roses Print Bygone Press. 8. Rose of No Man’s Land Byredo.

Weekend Links

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Happy Saturday! Need weekend ideas? Look no further. Links here.

1. Watch Kimmy, read this article on empathy comedy.

IMG_9998I’ve watched the first episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt four times. Last Friday Tina Fey & Robert Carlock’s new, insanely quotable, show hit neftlix. Last Friday was also the day I happened to be diagnosed with a kidney infection- a pain I wish on nobody ever. But that’s finally over and my internal organs and I are happy again. The nice thing about having a debilitating infection? Having an entire Netflix season to binge waiting for you. One that stars Ellie Kemper. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is uplifting and smart and needs to be seen by all. So does this.

2. Have Coffee With Someone Else

IMG_9999Meet someone you like at a place that’s local to your city.  Unless you live in Seattle and that place is Starbucks. No Starbucks allowed. Here’s something I wrote on my fleeting Starbucks addiction for Man Repeller showcasing one example of my irrational behavior. But really, connect with someone in a coffee shop and I’m not talkin’ bout WiFi.

3. Plan Something You’re Excited About

FullSizeRenderWant to redecorate? Want to take a trip? Want to binge watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Planning makes perfect, they say. Or something.  What Rodarte rug would you sell your soul for? Where will you go on your next vacay? What snacks will you bring into bed with you & your laptop? I’m going to Madrid in April & haven’t done so much planning other than where I’ll be sleeping. Rainy forecast means I can stay inside and do some museum, shopping, dining, etc. research on a city I’ve never seen.  Reccomendations, por favor.

4. Make Something With Lucky Charms.

FullSizeRender_1In the faraway land of strange Pinterest holiday food, I found this Lucky Charms cake and wanted it. Tell me that isn’t a beautiful cake. Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t until Tuesday, but if you’re not partaking in parade watching or celebrating somehow, why not spend Sunday baking? Even better-  share the good stuff with whoever you see on Monday. It’ll go from zero to a hundred real quick.

Happy Weekend!

Favorites & Upcoming.

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I get incredibly homesick when I go places. It’s not ideal, but it’s manageable. The excitement of seeing a different setting, where other people are home, is worth feeling far from whatever grounds me. Traveling is important. Does something to the psyche and heart. All the things people say it does. (Some of which are grounding.)  And I think about it, in general, a lot. I’m very excited for some upcoming trips, but right now I’m so happy to be in the Carolinas. In the faux-cold. With buttermilk biscuits (also things I think about a lot). Seeing what you can of the world is personal. It’s choice. What you look at and where you leave. And I love that.

My favorites from last year:

Biarritz, France

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