Go Away. Or Don’t.

October 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

Today marks a week of straight of nonstop wind and water and sporadic bouts of sunlight that vanish in about two whole minutes.


We’re officially rained in here in Oban. Ferries have cancelled. A boat named The Elizabeth washed up on the bay in the wrong spot. I’m not sure if my umbrella is an appendage or just a lost cause. BUT WHAT ELSE ARE SUNDAYS FOR? I’ve written a rained-in recommendation list for you nice readers. Don’t act like it isn’t comforting to be trapped indoors when it’s cold.

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August 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

Whenever I visit my aunt in Colorado I never, ever want to leave that place!  Denver is seriously so cool it hurts. Last week I hiked, maintained a regular sleep schedule, partook in an herbal tinctures class (we imagined lab coats and goggles…we were wrong), ate fresh vegetables from the garden, spent way too long in Innisfree Poetry Bookstore in Boulder, got reprimanded for sneaking photos of the Tom Wessleman exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, and drove through windy, rainy mountains in Golden.  More importantly, spending any time at all with my aunt feels like a spiritual retreat (she has degrees in horticulture and chinese medicine, is a practicing acupuncturist and full time nurse at a center for juvenile boys- where she started a book club….. you get the idea.) with a good bit of hysterical laughter. Nothing better.

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My favorite pieces in the whole DAM, by Oliver Herring

My favorite pieces in the whole DAM, by Oliver Herring

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We Can’t Stop (having dessert for breakfast)

February 27, 2014 § 2 Comments

After spending yesterday trudging through rainy streets in wet clothes with cold hands and no umbrella, I was very grateful for a sunny, lazy morning. I spent my hours before noon with a dear friend, delicious treats, and generous amounts of natural light. Since my fiction professor (and the rest of the creative writing dept.) boarded an early flight to attend Seattle’s AWP Conference, class was cancelled.  This meant I was allowed to stay in bed a tad longer with the whole morning at my disposal. Disposal is poor word choice—I did not have a morning to get rid of or simply throw away.  Instead, I was given extra time to enjoy my favorite part of the day in the best way possible.

I woke several snooze buttons later than usual, laced converse on over knit socks, and biked a few streets over to my friend Kyle’s for breakfast.  There, I lolled in a window nook (still wearing pajamas) drinking freshly brewed coffee.  There is actually no better place to do such activities than his apartment. The best thing about Kyle is everything, and his company, believe it or not, is even better than his impeccable taste. By the time I arrived, he had already baked salted-chocolate-truffle cookies (it wasn’t even 10am), purchased almond milk specifically for me, and was chopping tomatoes.  We spent our morning talking about all the important things in life (art, hair, flowers, Miley), the places we hope to see ourselves in the next few years, and the ex-boyfriends we hope to never see again. Wherever I do end up, I hope he isn’t too far away.

We decided the only practical thing to do after breakfast was to go to a florist. I forgot to mention that we are enablers of each others shared fresh flower addiction. Kyle purchased some, I did not (only because I’m leaving town tomorrow), and we both admired blooms and blue parakeets chirping in their cage by the register.

The purpose of all of this is to say that life can be really, really easy if you let it be (says the girl who didn’t bake the cookies, just ate them.). Thankful for the cities we end up in, the people we meet there, and the mornings we experience together. Oh and cancelled classes…Always thankful for those.

p.s. Despite my initial complaints, I still loved yesterday’s rain.

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