Winter Do: Rose

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When thinking about winter trends, pink roses may not come to mind right away.  But why not? The flower has sparked inspiration for poets and lovers and painters for hundreds of years and even Apple joined the team this fall.  Rose gold has been having it’s moment for a while, too, but I’m less interested in the jewelry (except for the hoops shown above, those I would jump into a frozen lake for) and more interested in pairing the classic with the not-so-classic to create something noteworthy. Bonus points for cozy.

For example, the classic Zara trench, but in a muted, dusty muave and with shearling. Or Byredo’s Rose of No Man’s Land– named in honor of the women who served as nurses during World War I. Bonus bonus points? A portion of the perfume’s proceeds go towards Doctors Without Borders.

These items are just what I want when the weather begins to cool down and doesn’t stop.  A candle that feels fresh, festive lipstick, fragrance that’s complex, and pieces that are beautiful (the botanic garden rose print!) as well as conventional (that rocker, come on!). Also… now is a fine time to announce that I’ve added four of my favorite candles to my Etsy shop.  The Rose one is undoubtedly my favorite. I think I’ll burn it now while I read through this long, long list of rose-related poems.

Pictured: 1. 4 oz. Tin Candle ItHappenedOneMorning. 2. Rich Lip Color in heather rose Bobbi Brown. 3. Rosegold Whispered Hoops Anthropologie4. Roundtrip Turtleneck Sweater Madewell. 5. Modernica Fiberglass Arm Shell Rocking Chair Urban Outfitters. 6. Jacket With Lapels Zara. 7. Botanical Wild Roses Print Bygone Press. 8. Rose of No Man’s Land Byredo.


More Prague

February 9, 2015 § 5 Comments

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetI’m still day dreaming about Prague mornings. Everything should start with pastel streets and sculptures (even if the ones on the Charles Bridge are actually just really old replicas) and wool coats. We don’t have an excess of pretty winter wear in SC, and I’d rather not make any other compasrisons between Prague and the faux-rural mostly suburban city I live in.
Let’s just say I was happy. « Read the rest of this entry »


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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetSpent Christmas eve with my brothers and sister-in-law at home, eating Russian tea cakes and drinking hot chocolate. That story. « Read the rest of this entry »

Que the Little Drummer Boy’s Drum Roll…

December 11, 2014 § 2 Comments

For Christmas I asked for the fuzzy alarm clock from Gilmore Girls and a therapist. But here’s a list of things I think are amazing that might be worth considering if you’re still searching for gifts to wrap. IMG_6313

Fifteen things I’m almost obsessed with:

1. Coffee Subscription from Stumptown Roasters. Brilliant.

2. Gold Heart Studs.

3. My Aunt makes these cornflake wreath treats every Decemeber and we all go bananas. Here‘s a recipe (not hers).

4. Perfume. Tom Ford for the win- complex scents in really, really pretty bottles.

5. This candle.

6. A copy of Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca. With Hitch’s film. The best and the best.

7. Book wishlist is never ending, but Olena Kalytiak Davis’s The Poem She Didn’t Write and Other Poems is the one I’m looking forward to most this season.

8. This Marni shirt. Ruler of all strange, expensive t-shirts.

9. Diptyque Lip Balm.

10. Whiskey. From Oban. With Love.

11. These Arctic Explorer ornaments.

12. Bach Flower Remedy in Wild Oat…and cherry plum, chicory, elm, honeysuckle, star of Bethlehem, the list goes on.

13. Nail polish that is so light pink it looks like nothing.

14. This fuzzy clutch, also light pink, which is everything.

15. White high-top converse. But not just any white high-top converse. Leather.

Happy gift giving! Give more, take less, and be happy with everything. Like the oven mitt. That’s what makes it fun.

Happy Out

January 29, 2014 § 1 Comment


Lo and behold! Snow. Turns out, Charleston had it in her. Regardless of the light adorable snowfall, today felt like a holiday.  Early this morning I received news that my reservation request had been approved, and that I’ll be staying in Dublin, Ireland during my Spring break from classes. I am so very, very thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given and the places I’m able to go walk around in.

My intention for creating this blog was to, in any way I can, celebrate the mornings and the potential they have for self-reflection and self-appreciation.  This morning is just that. I woke up to snowy streets, the best news, no obligatory freezing bike ride to classes in Maybank Hall, and a text saying I could work from home (thanks, Art Mag!).

I kept the good stuff coming by making my favorite peppermint-rose tea, read some of Nicole Terez Dutton’s debut collection The Ways We Fall, eventually made scrambled eggs with feta & balsamic tempeh for breakfast, and, obviously, yelped/bookmarked all cafes, pubs, and gardens within walking distance of my soon-to-be Dublin building.

If you can brace the weather wherever you are, I encourage you to plan a trip for yourself.  Whether that is a walk around the block or a flight 3,790 miles across the Atlantic- I guarantee you’ll feel some sort of satisfaction when you get there.


IMG_2116 IMG_2127 IMG_2109

IMG_2149 IMG_2140 IMG_2141


A fitting passage // Nicole Terez Dutton

Where I'll be staying in Dublin

Where I’ll be staying in Dublin

Snowy Day

January 29, 2014 § 2 Comments


The College of Charleston preemptively cancelled classes today and tomorrow due to snowy weather. It didn’t snow. If you’re from the South, you’re probably accustomed to seeing rows of empty milk shelves when the temperature isn’t even below freezing. People lose their shit. I was slightly disappointed as the day went on and there was still no sparkling white to be found, but that didn’t stop me from basking in the thrill that comes naturally when word is broadcasted that we aren’t needed on campus.


This particular snowless snow day made January feel a little colder than it usually does in South Carolina.  The absence reminded me of the mornings where I have woken up to nothing but white and the people I love.  My heart is always in Minnesota, where my family gets the cold with the cons and I just get the good stuff during Christmas. Or last March, where the only snow I remember covered the stones in St.Mary Cemetery in Chicago and everyone looked dashing in black. It reminded me of being seventeen seeing a snowy Eiffel Tour in Paris on Thanksgiving Day with my favorite woman in the entire world. How could you not feel grateful when you spend your day thinking about how perfect things, not all the time, but often, are? You can’t. I bought myself flowers, read the paper, made a huge breakfast, caught up with an old friend, listened to records, baked cookies, and texted my mom. She instantly responded with “OMG!!! I JUST WENT 2 MY PHONE 2 TELL U WE GOT SNOW! Did u get snow?” I told her we didn’t, but that I was cozy wearing her Phantom Ranch Camp sweatshirt and wished that we were reading  The Snowy Day.

Not only did this morning remind me of the ways I remember snow, it caused me to notice the ways I’ve always wanted to document it.  One Christmas, I received a Barbie Polaroid Camera. I had no real concept of photography, but I remember (thanks to the hardcopies themselves) taking photos of very random objects in my house (i.e., stair banister, wooden chest, a couch pillow). Then there was a snow storm. I had to have taken at least ten photographs of the front yard. Not a variety of angles, just the same view over and over. Why wasn’t just one enough? That question is rhetorical because i’m still unsure.  Maybe I was just curious, or maybe my love of snow (or rain in general) was in the beginning stages, or both. Still, the ways we record what we believe to be meaningful should never be ignored- no matter how much your father complains about the cost of polaroid film.

The nostalgia ends here.



Breakfast prep.


Cookies prep.


St. Mary Cemetery

Snowy field driving through Wisconsin


My absolute favorite photo of my older brothers being little brothers.


Illustration from John Ezra Keats’s book, The Snowy Day.

View from my Aunt's kitchen // MN

View from my Aunt’s kitchen // MN

These dogs were actually pretty wild and hard to manage. I'm surprised I'm smiling/ not trampled.

These dogs were actually pretty wild and hard to manage. I’m surprised I’m smiling/ not trampled.

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