I N T R O D U C I N G : Mini Tin Set

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I’m so very excited to offer miniature gold tins over in the One Morning shop. Since it is difficult to make blind purchases without the luxury of shopping in person, the Mini Tin Set has been created with dual purpose! A. To offer a smaller candle that you can try before committing to the biggies. B. To have the comfort of your favorite candle tucked in your bag for any & all emergencies. Traveling with a familiar scent instantly makes me feel home, happy, and grounded. I hope you like these babies. They’re excited to meet to you!

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 presetP.S. The first batch of ceramic candles sold out quickly, but luckily there are some new ones! Stay tuned for very, very exciting Spring goodies to come. February & March are going to rock…  And smell super good doing it.

Morning G I F T S

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‘Tis the season of giving!  I’ve put together a gift guide for those who are still buying last minute presents or haven’t been able to find the right ones yet. These are my favorite morning-themed items, but aren’t restricted to just early hours! For those on a budget, a box of Swiss-Miss hot chocolate is a win. Who doesn’t want hot chocolate?! Who!?

Christmas Guide

1.Slippers Madewell 2. Dot-Dash Pillow Block Shop Textiles 3. Bud Vases Christiane Perrochon 4.Coconut Soak Herbivore Botanicals  5. Japanese Steel Pour-Over Kettle Kaufmann Mercantile  6. Sweater Zara 7.Eye Treatment With Avocado Kiehl’s 8. Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm Aesop 9.Balm Dotcom Glossier  10. 2016 Cities Calendar Rifle Paper Co.  11.Scarf Zara 12.3 Cup Coffee Maker Chemex  13. Hair Bender- Stumptown Coffee Roasters  14.Chocolate Videri Chocolate Factory (photo via  Coco+Mingo) 15.Cardamom Sugar La Bella Terre  . 


Happy Gifting! xo






Merry & Bright

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So I launched a little candle line in November on Etsy. (If you follow me on IG, you know this already & might as well get used to the candle pix.) The shop is something that felt natural after falling in love with candle-making.  A process which is equal parts creativity, patience, concentration, and listening to Billy Holiday. I wanted to make sure the four candles appealed to a variety of scent preferences and aren’t restricted by season. And I am SO FREAKING grateful for everyone who has placed an order in the few short weeks. Y’all rock.

I’ve since added three more candles to the shop to suit your holiday gifting needs (gifts for yourself count!).  These are seasonal, warm, and festive. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. I’ve been burning the ‘Forest’ scent nonstop since putting up a miniature Christmas tree.  Spoiler alert: everyone in my family is getting one of those this year. (The candle, not the tree. That baby is all mine.)

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Give good gifts, give candles.

Morning Routine ft. Glossier

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My morning routine is wake up, do face, drink coffee.

It’s not complicated. The face part is less complicated than the coffee part. Getting ready for the day is crazy easy because I use the Glossier trio which takes about twenty seconds.


Some time ago, I found a bizarre Chicago Tribune article from the ’50’s where Lillian Gish, silent film star extraordinare, described her beauty routine. It included ideas like a “Beer Cure” diet to gain weight that I completely disregarded. It also mentioned Gish uses almond oil regularly before bed– something she learned from her mother. The image stuck with me.

Flash forward to learning about Emily Weiss’s initiative to found Glossier (A year ago!) out of her beauty obsession. I met Weiss in L.A. during their Santa Monica pop-up shop. She was a joy and a pleasure and the coolest of the cool.  She told me moisturizing was the most important part of a skincare routine. I left with the entire line of products and, have since, never gone a day without them.

Whenever I use Glossier’s Moon Mask, I wonder What is in this Witchcraft? It’s like a cozy blanket for my face. What’s in it is a lot of goodness, but the first main ingredient is almond oil. My beauty destiny has come full circle! Kind of an irrational though as almond oil is in all sorts of skincare products… but still.. The Moon Mask makes me feel like I could, if I felt like it, conquer the silver screen.

And here is where I realize I’ve written an entire post about my morning routine on the face mask I use each night. What? Oops? But f’real, it is the product I’d recomend most from the list of my favorites below. They’re amazing. Buy them all so you can be just like me! Jk. But if you’re looking for change, this list is a good place to start.

Items I Don’t Want To Live Without

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S U N D A Y in Paris

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Last Sunday I was more or less ready to lug my blongings (brocante purchases really weigh down a carry-on) to and fro Charles De Gualle….but at 8am, word reached me that my flight had cancelled. Tragedy! A whole day in Paris! Mine! To be had! On a Sunday! Too good to be true. « Read the rest of this entry »


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JulyReads15 JULY IS HERE. I’m not sure about yours (watermelon slices? tropical beaches? babysitting?), but mine is mostly busy. Very busy.  I’m returning stateside and doing as much as I possibly can before moving to New York. That means seeing lots of loved ones in different cities, labeling boxes, crying, etc… But it’s summer, so when ‘go to the cabin‘ falls on the same to-do list as ‘find an apartment’, it’s hard to complain. I’m simplifying, “Oh shit I have to learn the NYC subway,” by getting out of my own head. Meaning I’m reading a lot. If you’re busy or not, these books are basically begging to go to the pool with you. THE LINE-UP: « Read the rest of this entry »

S U M M E R . P I C N I C

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Is there any summer activity more iconic and/or picturesque than a picnic? Highly unlikely. Unless that thing is a hot air balloon ride… Picnics, in the realm of accessible and practical activities to do, win.

After a week or so of hunching over my laptop and sleeping terribly, I packed up shop and went to the pond. Read some poems, some essays, ate an apple, looked at birds and green trees. The peace, the air, the necessity of reading type that isn’t glowing on a screen was much needed to say the least. Here’s a wild guess: you probably need it, too.

P I C N I C   I N S P I R E D:

Picnic Essentials

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